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Student Led Neurodiversity Affinity Group

The range of differences in individual brain function and behavioural traits regarded as part of normal variation in the human population. Neurodiversity is the idea that neurological variations are known and valued as any other human variation.
Neurodiversity Affinity Group

Who is Eligible to join our Affinity Group?
You have the ability to use accommodations at Priory
You have been diagnosed with a learning difference, ADHD or require support to make school work for you
You believe that you will benefit from joining other students in a supportive conversation
Why did Priory create a neurodiversity affinity space? 

It is critical to support all students and all learners and to that end Priory believes in creating spaces where specific groups of students can embrace their uniqueness.  Neurodiversity is a brilliant part of being human, as we embrace our human identity our community becomes more diverse and richer. 

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