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Activities aren't just about fun and relaxation with friends—although, they are both fun and relaxing. They also provide opportunities to discover passions, develop strengths, apply academic knowledge in a practical way, develop self-knowledge, and learn to make the choices necessary to manage a busy schedule independently. Students start slowly and work with teachers over the years in developing the insights they need to be self-sufficient college students.

The Priory's co-curricular program includes class retreats, service learning projects, athletics, theater, music, and a broad range of activities made available during the school day.

For Middle School students, most activities are experienced within their curriculum and with their classmates.

More than 30 club and activity choices are available to High School students during "H Block," a class period devoted to these choices, or to tutoring. All activities have faculty advisors, but in most, students take the lead. One purpose of these choices is to provide a realistic way for students to try out new interests all through their school years. Grades are minimized or absent, and students learn to create an inclusive atmosphere.

Upper School Clubs

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  • Aero Robotics Club (Drone Club)

    Our main objective is to have each member learn the ropes in regards to the flight of drones. We aim to hone in on flight training, education on different types of drones, and exposure to various sizes and mechanical elements. The club hopes to be an environment in which people can pursue their interest of aero robotics while subsequently having a great time with a great group of other members.
  • Boardgames and Conversation Club (BCC)

    To connect with students and help them socialize with others during difficult times.
  • Bring Change to Mind

    Mental illness is something that people are often afraid to reveal about themselves, and they carry the weight of this secret with them. The signs are not always easy to read and individuals suffering from mental illness do not always reach out for help. Education about mental health and understanding the actions to take when someone approaches you about their mental health is beneficial for both the individuals dealing with mental illness as well as the friends they may turn to for help. Woodside Priory School prides itself on being a safe space for each and every student to be undeniably themselves. Therefore, it is crucial to stress the importance of mental health as well as what others around us may be going through. People and students, especially at a young age need to understand this. I believe that students at Priory would feel more comfortable if they are aware and educated on mental illness topics. This would lead to less discrimination and stigmatization of students dealing with mental illness. This goal would be achieved by establishing the club, raising awareness, and educating the student body on mental health and mental illness.
  • Coastal Kitchen

    Coastal Cuisine, will incorporate education about our coastal wildlife to sustainable harvesting for delicious dishes with elements of teaching kitchen skills.
  • Cooking and Baking Club

    For students to come together on Zoom and be able to cook a meal or dessert together, developing cooking skills while also getting to know each other and having fun.
  • Dance Team

    The purpose of this club is to teach others new forms of dance, have students learn choreography, and to try something new in a team format.
  • Daraja Club

    Daraja Club raises money to support the Daraja School in Kenya and works to spread awareness on the importance of girls’ education.
  • Dedicated to Diversity (D2)

    This club acts as a safe environment for BIPOC students and white allies to talk about issues regarding race, ethnicity, culture, but also gender, sexual orientation, and disabled communities/individuals (we discuss diversity as an intersectional issue).
  • DSG (Design Services Guild)

    The club would function as a group of students working on various projects to serve the Priory community with forward-thinking design. Previous experience in the arts or design would not be required, and it would be a safe space/community for students to bond and hone their skills to contribute to a greater purpose.
  • Fantasy Football Club

    To have a fun and inclusive fantasy football experience.
  • French Club

    The purpose of the club is to bring people together to appreciate and learn about French language and culture.
  • Gaming Club

    To game with your friends and be able to connect people during the pandemic through gaming.
  • GirlUp Club

    The purpose of GirlUp is to provide a safe space for women at the Priory to share their experiences and brainstorm how to create a community that advocates for female rights and equality.
  • Glass Club

    The purpose of this club is for students to learn and improve skills while working with glass.
  • Golf Club

    To introduce golf into the Priory community as it is a sport that we all enjoy and are sure others in the community will enjoy too.
  • Honors Society

    Choose to light a hospitable candle of hope, encouragement, and love rather than curse the darkness. Develop resilience, critical thinking, & leadership skills as we collaborate, communicate, and share our time and talent in serving our school and broader communities. Respond to St. Benedict’s tradition and our founding monks’ example of serving the marginalized in a world in need of our gifts.
  • Junior State of America (JSA)

    To civically engage students, combat hyper-polarization, encourage bi-partisan collaboration, teach students how to debate.
  • March For Our Lives

    To spread awareness about gun violence as an intersectional issue and what gun violence prevention legislation/work looks like in the U.S., and to foster political involvement in students by learning how to be active citizens.
  • Math Club

    The purpose of this club is to do fun, challenging math that is not part of the regular curriculum.
  • Latinx Unidos

    To spread awareness and create a space for the priory latinX community to come together.
  • March For Our Lives

    March For Our Lives Club promotes high school students’ involvement in political action and interest in the political affairs of our country.
  • Mindcraft Club

    Have an online space for students to connect and express themselves creatively while also having fun.
  • Mindfulness Club

    To calm students down using meditation techniques.
  • Model United Nations (MUN)

    Priory Model United Nations club is an educational simulation and academic activity in which our members can learn about diplomacy, international relations, United Nations, and practice public speaking!
  • Mountain Biking Club

    It's a good social distancing activity for friends to get exercise. This would also be a great way to see our community through nature and trails.
  • MUSE Literary Magazine

    To put together and publish Priory's literary magazine.
  • Panther HS Science Club

    To provide a space for high school students interested in physical, medical, and biological sciences to gather and share their love of science.
  • Priory Innocence Club

    The purpose of this club would be to inform other students at Priory about the frequency and life-long impacts of racial bias in the criminal justice system. This club serves to advocate for those who are wrongfully convicted and help bring reform to the system responsible for their incarceration.
  • Priory Signs! American Sign Language Club

    The Priory Signs! Club will be a great place for members to learn American Sign Language to learn ASL and practice it games and conversations.

    PRISM is Priory's LGBTQ+ advocacy club. We host events throughout the year, such as movie nights, presentations, fundraisers, and discussions. We aim to provide a welcoming space for all!
  • Programming Club

    The purpose is to create a community of programmers and people interested in computer science to come together and better their skills through project-based learning.
  • Robotics

    Robotics Club teaches students practical skills like machining and cad by participating in First Robotics. The club also helps students develop interpersonal skills like teamwork and leadership.
  • Savory Service

    In hope to alleviate food insecurity among the homeless population, Savory Service tries to design and produce preservable vegetable supplements for the homeless population.
  • Sports Debate

    Have a civil discussion of controversial sports topics. We will debate about our favorite teams and players.
  • Sports Medicine Club

    Sports Medicine Club seeks to educate students about Kinesiology and sports medicine though lessons and working at sports games.
  • Surfrider Foundation Woodside Priory School Club

    The Club is under a non profit organization called the Surfrider Foundation which is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves, and beaches, for all people through a powerful activist network. We fight for plastic pollution, ocean protection, coastal prevention, clean water, and beach access.
  • Sustainability Club

    To promote sustainability and conservation efforts within the Priory community. Also, to help create a place to foster hospitality and bring people together for a good cause.
  • Technovation Team

    Technovation is a girls coding team at Priory. We submit an app to the Technovation Challenge, an all-girls international tech entrepreneurial competition, every year. The goal is to create an application that benefits the community and submit it to the Senior Division of the competition.
  • Yearbook

    Yearbook is a team of graphic designers, photographers, and caption writers that design the yearbook – surrounding a theme unique to each year!

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