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Activities aren't just about fun and relaxation with friends—although, they are both fun and relaxing. They also provide opportunities to discover passions, develop strengths, apply academic knowledge in a practical way, develop self-knowledge, and learn to make the choices necessary to manage a busy schedule independently. Students start slowly and work with teachers over the years in developing the insights they need to be self-sufficient college students.

The Priory's co-curricular program includes class retreats, service learning projects, athletics, theater, music, and a broad range of activities made available during the school day.

For Middle School students, most activities are experienced within their curriculum and with their classmates.

More than 30 club and activity choices are available to High School students during "H Block," a class period devoted to these choices, or to tutoring. All activities have faculty advisors, but in most, students take the lead. One purpose of these choices is to provide a realistic way for students to try out new interests all through their school years. Grades are minimized or absent, and students learn to create an inclusive atmosphere.

2023-2024 Middle and Upper School Clubs

  • MS Journalism (MS)
  • MS Panther Science Club (MS)
  • The Video Game Programing Club - TVGPC (MS)
  • Marine Biology (MS)
  • Marble Racing Club (MS)
  • Badminton Club (MS and US)
  • Boardgames and Conversation Club - BCC (MS and US)
  • Rock Band Club (MS and US)
  • Chess Club (MS and US) 
  • Technovation (MS and US)
  • Girls Who Code (MS and US)
  • Yearbook (MS and US)
  • Fantasy Sports Club (MS and US)
  • Daraja Club (MS and US)
  • Public Form Debate Club (MS and US)
  • Magic The Gathering Club (MS and US)
  • Dance Club (MS and US)
  • Math Club (MS and US)
  • PRISM (MS and US)
  • Debate Club (MS and US)
  • Dream Volunteers (US)
  • Formula 1 (US)
  • Comics and Literature (US)
  • Junior State of America - JSA (US)
  • Robotics (US)
  • Volleyball Club (US)
  • Esports Club (US)
  • The Investment Club (US)
  • Animal Lovers Adventure and Fun Club (US)
  • Design Service Guild (US)
  • Innocence Club (US)
  • MUSE (US)
  • Jewelry Club (US)
  • Newspaper Club (US)
  • Surf Rider Club (US)
  • Model UN (US)
  • Global Baking Club (US)
  • Origami Club (US)
  • Astrophysics Club (US)
  • Priory Honors Society (US)
  • Economics (US)
  • Science Bowl (US)
  • Photography Club (US)
  • User Experience Club (US)
  • All are Welcome - AAW (US)
  • Glass Club (US)
  • Cooking and Baking Club (US)
  • Computer Science Club (US)
  • Tabletop Co-op (US)
  • Priory Biomedical Club (US)
  • Priory Signs! American Sign Language Club (US)
  • Pure Ideology Club (US)
  • Math is Tough - MIT (US)
  • Bring Change To Mind - BC2M (US)
  • Priory Girl Up Club (US)
  • Pop Dance Club (US)
  • Engineering Club (US)
  • Sustainability Club (US)
  • Golf Club (US)

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