St. Benedict

Listen with the ear of our hearts.

The Priory Way

Welcome to the Priory; the only co-ed Benedictine College Preparatory school in California! Many successful people remember a time in their teenage years when an inspiring teacher, an exciting class, or an unforgettable experience made a positive difference in their lives. We think students need many of these special moments. We have thought long and hard about how to create them.

An outstanding faculty and a rigorous college prep curriculum are important. So is the Benedictine vision of a learning community where members support one another. An upbeat campus atmosphere and broad co-curricular program also set the stage for a balanced educational adventure.

With our roots in the 1,500-year-old tradition of Catholic Benedictine education, we do much more than provide an outstanding college preparatory education. We welcome young people into a community where they feel uniquely known and loved. Priory students feel free to take intellectual and creative risks, to discover their passions, and to grow in heart, mind, and soul.

St. Benedict advised us to "listen with the ear of our hearts." As a community of educators, we continually reflect on our practices, seek out cutting-edge educational thinking, and embrace better ways to meet our students' needs. Firmly grounded in our core Benedictine values of individuality, community, integrity, hospitality, and spirituality, we face the changing demands of the 21st century with confidence and innovation.

Even our campus reflects our values. Ancient redwood trees stand alongside a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Center. Our monks stroll along a trail past a vast array of solar panels. In cozy outdoor plazas, teachers and students laugh and talk together.

Our values are timeless. Our community is real. Our vision is far-reaching. Come see what the Priory Way is all about.

Patrick Ruff
Head of School

Woodside Priory School

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