The Academic Resource Center (ARC) contains a range of information, tools, and expert staff trained to help students with issues concerning academic performance and support. All students are welcome to use this service. Students may drop in or be referred by a teacher or the counseling team for one-on-one help, and high school students may schedule their Study Hall period in the ARC for more structure and direct supervision; all ninth and tenth grade students attend study hall in the ARC, while upper grades can attend by request.

ARC services cover a broad range of needs, such as the executive function skills of organization and time management, as well as developing the personal resources needed to manage a specific learning difference. Students can use the ARC as an alternate testing environment and get help with test-taking strategies. The ARC staff coordinates efforts between high school students, families, and faculty for students who have accommodations. We also offer computers and printers for student use. Additionally, the Academic Resource Counselor works with school faculty on best teaching practices or optimal student participation and learning. The ARC is a learning space for all on campus—for staff who wish to facilitate teacher conferences as well as for student groups who need a place to study.

Learning Support Team

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  • Photo of Kathy Gonzalez

    Kathy Gonzalez 

    Academic Resource Counselor, Upper School English Teacher
    (650) 851-6171
  • Photo of Amy Harms

    Amy Harms 

    Director of Learning Support
    (650) 851-6136

Testing Support

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  • Students with Diagnosed Disabilities

    Accommodations are provided to students with disabilities. A student must present current documentation from a licensed, private specialist, substantiating the disability, i.e., medical, psychological, and learning. Students will be granted academic accommodations that are supported by the documentation and considered reasonable, such as extended time, use of computer for written work, alternative test site.
  • Non-standard Administration of SAT or ACT Exams

    The College Board offers non-standard administration for the PSAT, SAT, Subject Tests, and the Advanced Placement exams.  In order to qualify students must apply for accommodations  (  Documentation must be on file at the Priory.

    The ACT exams also offer accommodations to qualified students. In order to qualify students must make an appointment with the Director of Guidance and Counseling to process this request through the ACT. Current documentation must be provided or on file at Priory.

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