Learning Support

Office of Learning Support

The Office of Learning Support (OLS) partners with and supports all middle and upper school students. We are dedicated to reducing barriers to learning by: supporting the whole student, striving for balance, providing academic and executive functioning support and study skill refinement.  
Priory provides reasonable classroom based academic accommodations which allows all students to access Priory's curriculum.  The emphasis at Priory is on equitable access, not grade outcome. The OLS specializes in the creation of accommodation plans for students who have documented mild to moderate learning differences (LDs), ADHD or psychiatric diagnoses which impact learning.  We work closely with our students, families and faculty to ensure that we foster healthy academic development, self-advocacy and resilience in our students. 

The OLS teams with both the Counseling Department and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion to ensure that Priory students receive support which aligns with Priory’s mission to create lifelong learners who lead meaningful, balanced lives. Collectively, our team coordinates and collaborates with faculty to ensure that our students are supported holistically, as being successful at Priory does not mean success in only one area.  

We are committed to partnering with our accommodated students to foster self-awareness of their personal academic needs and self-advocacy skills that will support them in all parts of their lives as life-long learners.

Learning Support Team

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    Tara Twedt 

    Director of Learning Support
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    Amy  Okarma