Woodside Priory’s academic program, anchored by our Benedictine values, engages our students rigorously and intentionally. As a community housing a middle and upper school, our faculty are experts in adeptly mentoring our students at different points during their learning, promoting a rigorous and robust curriculum to engage our students in meaningful intellectual discourse and critical thinking, while seeking to maintain a balanced life.

Our Learning Competencies guide Priory’s approach to learning, fondly known as ‘LCs’ to students and faculty alike. Learning Competencies refer to the essential competencies of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, creativity, and resilience, facilitating dynamic and intentional learning. We believe that our Learning Competencies are transferable and timeless skills that prepare our students for active citizenship. In an ever-changing world, we have confidence that our Learning Competencies will develop our students to embrace a growth mindset, appreciate lifelong learning, and become productive stewards for their gifts. 

List of 5 members.

  • Photo of Caitha Ambler

    Caitha Ambler 

    Head of Middle School
    (650) 851-6156
  • Photo of Kate Johansen

    Kate Johansen 

    Dean of Students
    (650) 851-6192
  • Photo of Micah Morris

    Micah Morris 

    Interim Head of Upper School
    (650) 851-6150
  • Photo of Adam Siler

    Adam Siler 

    Dean of Residential Life
    (650) 851-6170
  • Photo of Crystal Yang Matsuoka

    Crystal Yang Matsuoka 

    Academic Dean
    (650) 851-6105

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