Middle School | Gr. 6–8

Middle School Program

The Middle School Program

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  • Time of Change and Growth

    The middle school years are a special time of growth and change. Students are in a unique stage of their life-- between childhood and being a teenager. At the Priory, we embrace our "tweens" in their journey through their middle school years. Encouraging our student to “just be kids” for as long as possible, while also supporting kids as they mature into teenagers, is a balancing act. We understand the complexities of this important stage of life. Our middle school teachers foster deep relationships with their students to create a supportive environment for our students. We structure our school day and calendar to allow for this growth and develop, including recess time, special tournaments, community meetings, dances, and outdoor education retreats.
  • Academics

    Our mission is to provide a rigorous academic program in a nurturing environment. This balance is paramount to our Priory middle school experience. We are committed to offering a rich and progressive academic program that prepares our students for upper school and beyond. We want students to think critically, work collaboratively and creatively, and investigate the world around them. We create grade level appropriate scaffolds to assist students in their academic pursuits.
  • Balance in the Middle

    Happiness and well-being are important to us. The Priory is a place where students can find a balance between academics, sports, interests and hobbies, friendships, fun, and down time. We believe it is important for kids to have time to play and relax on campus, as well as, spend time with their families at home. We are mindful of homework load. We want our students to be happy and healthy.
  • Being Benedictine

    Our five Benedictine values structure our school life. Spirituality, hospitality, individuality, integrity, and community are the keystones to a Priory experience. All kids have passions and talents that need to be discovered and nurtured. Our Benedictine philosophy of learning in a community where students and adults work and play together is real. The strong relationships between teachers and students are the foundation of a positive learning environment. We believe relationships between teachers and students and students and students are extremely important to build a strong school community. We ask students to be their “true selves” at the Priory. We want each student to understand that “all are welcome” at the Priory. We are a community of approximately 100 middle school students. We have a dedicated space on campus that is our own area for classrooms and a play area. Each student is known and loved.
  • Panther Pals

    Each Priory sixth grader is matched with a senior student for the school year to be Panther Pals. The Panther Pal Program is a great experience for all the students. The sixth graders have an older friend on campus. The seniors get to be mentors for the year and pass on their Priory wisdom. We have special activities throughout the year, including sitting together in chapel, special lunches, writing letters, and games. This is perhaps one of the sweetest aspects of Priory student life.