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Priory Benedictine Monks

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  • Fr. Martin Mager O.S.B.

    Date of Birth: August, 1934
    Place of Birth: Newark, NJ
    Date of Profession: 1959
    Date of Ordination: 1963
    Education: B.A. St. Anselm College, M.A. Columbia University
    Family: Two sisters
    Joined the Priory monastic community: August 1, 1975

    Brief history of work with the Priory:
    • Reigning Superior of Monastic Community
    • Director of College Counseling- 25 years
    • Chaplain- 31 years
    • Teacher (Social Justice, Ethics, Art, Photography)- 31 years
    • Director of Alumni Affairs- 6 years
    • Board of Trustees as a Director
    • Dorm Housemaster- 14 years
    • Monastic sub-prior or Superior- 30 years
  • Fr. Matthew Leavy O.S.B.

    Date of Birth: April, 1950
    Place of Birth: Bronx, NY
    Date of Profession: 1970
    Date of Ordination: 1975
    Education: B.A. St. Alberts College, MDiv. St. Alberts College, M.A., Ph.D. Duquesne
    Family: Relatives in New York Area
    Joined the Priory monastic community: May 27, 1968-1977, August 24, 2018

    Brief history of work with the Priory:
    • Teacher (Religion, French)
    • Treasurer
    • Dorm Housemaster
    • Board of Trustee as a Director
    • Abbot emeritus and Chancellor of St. Anselm Abbey
    • Associate Chaplain
  • Fr. Maurus Nemeth O.S.B.

    Date of Birth: December, 1937
    Place of Birth: Hahot, Hungary
    Date of Profession: 1966
    Date of Ordination: 1972
    Education: B.A. St. John's University, Collegeville, MN
    MDiv. St. Patrick Seminary, Menlo Park, CA
    Family: Immediate Family: One sister, two nephews and their families- live in Hungary and a large extended family- all live in Hungary.
    Joined the Priory monastic community: August 1963

    Brief history of work with the Priory:
    • 1963-68: College work and Novitiate in St. John's Abbey and University
    • 1968-69: Teaching in the Priory full time
    • 1969-72: Theology studies in St. Patrick Seminary
    • 1972: Ordained to the Priesthood
    • 1968-75: Housemaster in the Junior Dormitory
    • 1972-2004: Full time Biology teacher; 2004- present part time AP Biology teacher
    • 1975-2006: Head of the Science Department
    • 1971-86: Treasurer, Business Manager, Foodservice Manager, Maintenance Director
    • 1980-2000: School Bus Driver
    • 1994-Present: Pastor of the Hungarian Catholic Mission

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