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You are our legacy, and we are so proud to see where life has taken you. Each of you has your own story, and no matter how far you've moved or how long ago you graduated, Priory is, and always will be, your home. Check back often to connect wth us and learn more about our events and updates to our program. We've got many changes planned, including an alumni portal and greater ways to connect with our 2,200+ alumni.

I hope that you will make your way back to us soon, whether it’s to celebrate at our annual Alumni Reunion, schedule a day to shadow a class, make an impromptu visit to see what’s new on campus or attend one of our great community events offered throughout the year!

If you have ideas about new events the Alumni Association should sponsor or need help connecting with an old classmate, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Always we begin again!

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    Charles Stauss 

    Alumni Programs Manager
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    San Diego State University - BA
    San Jose State University - MS
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