Mark Stogner, Director of Athletics

At Woodside Priory, we offer a competitive interscholastic athletic program. At the same time, we give every student the opportunity to participate.
The Priory athletic program offers a full range of experiences, with an emphasis on developing a healthy, active lifestyle as well as athletic skills. In team sports, coaches reward sportsmanship, commitment, dedication and hard work. Many of our coaches are also faculty members, and students enjoy the relationships that are developed away from the classrooms. Middle and High School teams are competitive and often are in league playoffs. The best teams and athletes compete at regional and state levels. Top High School athletes are recruited by and play on college teams. See our outstanding alumni athletes, playing on incredible teams, on the Hall of Fame page!

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    • Photo of Mark Stogner

      Mark Stogner 

      Director of Athletics
      (650) 851-6107
      Sonoma State University - BA
      University of San Francisco - MA
    • Photo of Doug Sargent

      Doug Sargent 

      Middle School Athletic Director
      (650) 851-6128
      Menlo College - BS
      California University of Pennsylvania - MS

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    • Athletics Mission

      Priory believes that interscholastic athletics are an integral part of our school's commitment to developing the student as a whole person. Our program offers all students a competitive experience placing an emphasis on the Benedictine values of spirituality, hospitality, integrity, individuality, and community.
    • Spirituality

      God works in us, through us, and for us.
      Our athletic programs provide a guiding framework for learning lifelong lessons and educating the mind, body and spirit in all of our students.
    • Hospitality

      ll are welcomed with honor and respect.
      The Priory's flexible, small school environment encourages the development of each student's unique athletic strengths. Our all-inclusive philosophy to team sport participation allows all students to explore their individual athletic interests. Visiting schools are treated graciously.
    • Integrity

      Learning flourishes in an environment of honesty, trust and personal responsibility.
      Our athletic programs focus on competing fairly, treating others with respect, and honoring commitments.
    • Individuality

      Every student has gifts to be discovered, nurtured, and treasured.
      Every student has the opportunity to test his/her own personal limits through athletic training; to develop the character and self-confidence that result from participating in athletic competition; and to experience the joy, empowerment and personal growth that accompany athletic excellence.
    • Community

      Together we find strength and purpose in supporting one another.
      Our athletic programs are a valuable part of the Priory community. Athletic teams at Priory foster strong camaraderie and lifelong friendships, while also developing teamwork and sportsmanship in the pursuit of excellence. Our students compete with pride and honor for Priory, and demonstrate an intense commitment and loyalty to both their team and their school.

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