Upper School | Gr. 9–12


Students who complete the basic Upper School curriculum will be well prepared to meet the requirements of the University of California. A full range of advanced electives and co-curricular choices prepares students for the most selective colleges and universities. A variety of elective classes are available to enhance the students' educational experience. Our goal is to ensure that students will not just be admitted, but will flourish at the colleges they select.

The required curriculum provides special emphasis on math, science and writing skills, including SAT skill-building in vocabulary and writing in English classes.

Students are expected to undertake required courses at The Priory, in the sequence recommended by the Departments.

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Upper School Graduation Requirements

  • English: four years
  • World Language: two years of same language; through level 3 highly recommended 
    ** Waived for incoming international students who speak English as a second language. We recommend that students take language in their second year at Priory. 
  • Math: three years
  • Science: three years of lab science (physics, biology, and chemistry)
  • Computer Science: one semester
  • History and Social Sciences: three years (American Democracy/Global Issues, World History & Cultures, U.S. History) and Senior Project
  • Theology: six semesters
  • Visual Arts: two semesters
  • Performing Arts: two semesters
  • Physical Education: two semesters or two interscholastic athletic team seasons
  • Health: one semester
  • Community Service: at least 6 hours per year (no more than 2 of those 6 hours can be service to the Priory community)

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