Monastic Community

Priory Monks Who Have Served

Benedictine Monks who have served at the Priory since 1956.

Current Priory Monks

*Father Matthew Leavy
*Father Martin Mager
*Father Maurus Nemeth
Brother Peter Aslin
Brother Sean Casey
Father John Coleman
Abbot Mark Cooper
Father Cecil Donahue
Father John Fortin
Brother Francis Fox
Brother Benedict Guevin
Brother Peter McNamara
Brother Andrew Metcalf
Brother Hilary Moratz
Brother Gregory Murphy
Brother Joel O’Connell
Father Simon O’Donnell
Father Christopher Senk
Brother Emeric Tice
Brother Phillip Valley


+Father Benignus Barat
+Father Emod Brunner
+Father Daniel Dempski
+Father Brendan Donnelly
+Brother Edward Englund
+Father Jude Gray
+Father Christopher Hite
+Father Leopold Hoffer
+Father Achilles Horvath
+Father Pius Horvath
+Father Stanley Jaki
+Father Egon Javor
+Brother Thomas Laur
+Father Finbar O’Mahoney
+Brother Benedict Menezes
+Brother Stephen Pellino
+Father Placidus Riley
+Father Charles Schilly
+Father William Sullivan

+ deceased
* Current Priory monk

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