Upper School | Gr. 9–12

Senior Project

Senior Project at Priory will give students the opportunity to challenge and stretch themselves as individuals and intellectuals.
Individually, in that every student is asked to identify talents, skills, or interests that are unique to him/her. Intellectually, in that students are allowed to design a project that draws upon many years of school and different courses of study. Students have the choice to (a.) do an in-depth research paper, (b.) make a project/performance, or (c.) design an itinerary and carry-out a road trip with a designated faculty member.

Senior Project will consist of the following components: (1) brainstorming one’s interests and talents; (2) exploration of said interests/talents – in terms of both breadth and depth; (3) ideation and prototyping of a project – to practice and refine ideas (4) action – a presentation to the class on research and future action of the project; (5) an online portfolio which documents the research, ideas and feedback; and (6) a presentation of the project to the Priory community. All of these will be worked on as a major part of the Senior Project class.

Senior Project Expectations

Priory’s expectations for senior projects are:
  • that the project represents a personal passion, talent, curiosity, or concern;
  • that the project involves stretching or challenging one’s potential;
  • that the project identifies or makes a connection(s) with the Priory’s mission and or Graduate Outcomes;
  • that students turn in or post all assignments on time; (reflections and major benchmarks which include: the project proposal, the annotated bibliography, and exploration findings)
  • that the project demonstrates a synthesis of the skills and knowledge gained during one’s education at the Priory.

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