Student life at the Priory is something special.  All are welcome.  Come visit and find out first-hand.
Set foot on our campus, and you’ll find something rare: a place where students are well-known, challenged, and genuinely happy. The five values in our mission – hospitality, spirituality, integrity, community, and individuality – are interspersed in everything that we do. Whether you’re working on a group project in History, donning ridiculous costumes for the dodgeball tournament, or throwing the perfect alley-oop for the game-winning dunk, Priory students learn to embody these values throughout their time here.

Because the whole community embraces our mission, you’ll find a number of things unique about the Priory. I think these three in particular are the most important:

Priory is a community where you can be yourself.
Priory is a community where students support one another.
Priory is a community of kindness.
Middle and High school can be scary, but here at Priory, you can explore who you want to be and take risks. If you want to play football and be in the musical, then go for it. You’re not going to be pigeon-holed. One year, the captain of our football team got up on stage and played the lead in our production of a Disney musical, and no one was cheering louder in the auditorium than his teammates. If you want to explore your spirituality, discuss your beliefs freely and openly with a diverse community of teachers, students, and monks who appreciate differences. If you love robotics or singing or painting, then immerse yourself in it and share your passions. Your classmates will respect you for it, and they’ll be your biggest fans.

I think a former student summed it up best when she said, “People don’t care if you’re different at Priory. They care if you’re mean.”

Student life at the Priory is something special. All are welcome. Come visit and find out first-hand.

Kate Johansen
Dean of Students
Phone: 650-851-6196
Per California Legislative Assembly Bill 500 (AB500), the Woodside Priory has made available to you the Employee/Student Boundaries policy addressed in our employee handbook. 

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