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To be seen and known is to be loved. All are welcome.
Middle and high school brings new adventures and challenges for our students. At Priory, we encourage our students to explore new activities and discover new passions that will bring balance and happiness to a busy time in their lives. From the performing arts to athletics, we embrace our students as multifaceted, growing individuals. The advisors, faculty, and monks who guide and mentor our students find opportunities to celebrate personal bests and scaffold them when the complexities of teenage life intersect. Grounded by our weekly Chapel service, we hear about the lessons learned and perspectives gained from students and faculty alike.
At the start of every school year, we begin our first Chapel service by singing in unison the hymn, All Are Welcome. Undoubtedly, Priory is a community where you can be yourself. It is a community where students support and celebrate one another. It is a community of kindness. It is a community where we seek to find balance by acknowledging that our community bonds go far beyond the classroom.
Our five Benedictine values guide our approach to student life at the Priory. Through hospitality, spirituality, integrity, community, and individuality, we strengthen our community ties every year.  Whether one is working on a group project in history, donning ridiculous costumes for the dodgeball tournament, or throwing the perfect alley-oop for the game-winning dunk, Priory students learn to embody these values throughout their time here in preparation for a world in need of their gifts. Through the many different student-run clubs and leadership opportunities we offer at the Priory, I look forward to seeing how student life at the Priory brings depth and meaning to our students' lives.
Warm regards,
Chase Smith
Dean of Students
Per California Legislative Assembly Bill 500 (AB500), the Woodside Priory has made available to you the Employee/Student Boundaries policy addressed in our employee handbook. 

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    Chase Smith 

    Dean of Students
    (650) 851-6162
    Barry University - Juris Doctor
    Wingate University - BS
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    Shannon Vanderpol 

    Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
    (650) 851-6157
    Gonzaga University - BA
    UC Berkeley - MA

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