After two years apart, the Priory community will come together for…

Join our mission at the Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club on March 26, 2022. To help make it a little easier on you, the Gala team has put together a Gala Guide for you. Hopefully it will answer some of your most pressing questions about Priory’s biggest social event and fundraiser. Print it up and tape it to the fridge, or keep it handy on your phone for easy reference -- and definitely reach out to one of us, Stephanie Kruse, or any member of the Gala team if you have questions. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you on March 26th!

Kathy Avery, Julie Sheng, and Hattie Shieh 
2022 Gala Chairs

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  • Let's Bond - What to Expect

    Priory Bonds will be held on Saturday, March 26, 2022 at Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club. With more than 300 parents, teachers, and staff in attendance, the evening will include cocktails, a seated dinner, casino games, a wine raffle, and the Silent and Live Auctions including Fund-a-Future. That’s when the night gets thrilling, and the dancing begins!
  • Priory Bonds Wish List

    We need Auction Items...hoping lots of cool gadgets and exotic locales to offer at Priory Bonds. Here are some examples of what do well: 
    • Vacation Homes in Hawaii, Mexico, Napa and Carmel
    • Hotel Stays & Weekend Getaways
    • Tickets to Concerts, Sporting Games, Symphony or Musicals
    • Special Access to Wineries and Backstage Passes
    • Access to Private Chefs and Private Aviation
    • Once in Lifetime Memory Moments
    • Jewelry 
    • Restaurant and Spa Gift Certificates
    • Golf Foursomes at Country Clubs 
    • Special Wine & Spirits
    • Count Me-In Parties for Adults and Kids
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  • Dress to Impress

    What to wear? 
    Cocktail dress? Tux? Diamonds? Something daring? Anything goes! Whether you’re dressed to kill or prefer to go with a more incognito look, just come ready for a thrilling night. To get you inspired, we’ve put together a look book for inspiration.
  • Invitations & Registration

    You’ll receive your invitation to the Priory Bonds Gala in the mail in early February. Included will be instructions on how to RSVP and register to bid. Our Silent Auction will be entirely online, so it’s essential to register if you want to get your hands on our extraordinary offerings like vacation homes, fine wines, and sports tickets. 
  • How Seating Works

    Gather your friends and create your table of ten (please no table request for fewer than 10). There will be instructions on your invitation about where to register your table; if you don’t wish to form a table of ten, we will do our best to seat you with parents from your grade(s). You can RSVP here, and create your tables of 10 here.
  • What About Covid Protocols

    We plan to gather safely and will be asking for proof of vaccination from every attendee per Sharon Heights requirements. The health and safety of our Priory community is always our top priority, and as such the Gala committee will be working with the school and Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club to assess the evolving Covid landscape to ensure that we can gather for a fun evening in a way that supports our school and protects the health of our community members.
  • How Does the Wine Raffle Work

    Tickets to the wine raffle give you the chance to win one of our amazing wine lots; each lot is composed of multiple high-quality and exclusive wines.  Each ticket is equal to one entry, and the more you buy, the more chances you’ll have to win.

    – 1 ticket for $100
    – 3 tickets for $250
    – 7 tickets for $500 
    – 15 tickets for $1000

    You will have an opportunity to buy your wine raffle tickets when you register to attend, and at any time up until the afternoon of the Gala. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to upgrade your own personal wine collection. 
  • Bidding – Strategize Ahead of Time

    Our Silent Auction catalog is online only. In mid-March, those who’ve registered will get a link to the online catalog for their perusal. Start your bidding strategy then -- and don’t forget to save some of your budget for Fund-A-Future.

    On Wednesday, March 23rd, you will receive an email and/or text that allows you to start bidding on Silent Auction items until March 28th. 

    There are three ways to bid on silent items. 
    • A traditional bid: place a fixed-amount bid on an item, and you will be notified through the bidding app on your phone if your bid has been exceeded by another bidder.
    • Buy It Now: allows you to purchase an item right away for a fixed price, rather than bid on it. Once you Buy It Now, that item is no longer up for auction, and is yours.  Many of the silent items will have Buy It Now pricing.
    • Max Bid: you set a maximum bid for yourself, and the system will automatically bid in your favor until that max bid is reached. If your bid is lower than another bidder’s highest max bid on that package, you will be prompted to enter a higher bid. Many silent items will have Max Bid pricing.

    For live items, there will be bid paddles at your table for you to hold up during the Live Auction.
  • Bidding With Friends

    Often groups of friends decide to bid on an item together; this happens often with “buy the whole” parties or live items. If you want to purchase an item with friends, reach out to your friends before the Gala to form a syndicate. Prior to bidding, agree on who is in the group and the maximum you are all willing to pay for the item. You can be a member of more than one group as long as you aren’t the lead bidder and you don’t share the maximum bid of the groups you’re participating in. The “lead bidder” does the bidding, and the cost of the item is split between the group members.  
  • Support Priory's Fund A Future

    Our Fund-A-Future campaign secures resources for our financial aid fund. Did you know that one in six students receives financial assistance at Priory? During the Live Auction, you can hold up your paddle at different donation levels to support financial aid.  We hope you will support this vital and cherished part of the evening.
  • PrioryStrong Benefactors

    We are most grateful to generous 2021 Benefactors who supported PrioryStrong.

    Sonja & Bill Davidow
    Wendy & Stefan Dyckerhoff 

    Lorraine Twohill & Peter Davis
    Wendy & Tim McAdam
    Jami & Stephen Nachtsheim

    Carolyn & Stewart Putney
    Beckie & Neil Robertson

    Cindy & Brian Axe
    Kristi & Tom Patterson
    Susie & Dave Schinski
    Jennifer & Chris Skarakis
    Evita & Tim Twerdahl

    Norma Alvarez
    Malvika & Nikhil Behl
    Barbara & Mike Calbert
    Emily & Lance Conn
    Millie Gong & Winston Fu
    Leslie Kilgore & Jonathan Leblang
    Pam & Bill Martinson
    Jennifer & Steve Nash
    Lillian & Tom Oliveri
    Sally & Ed Screven
    Lisa & Greg Stanger
    Callie & John Turk
    Anne Senti-Willis & Parker Willis
    Jennifer & Bill Youstra

    Together. We Are PrioryStrong.


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