Lions And Tigers And Panthers, Oh My!!
Get ready for an adventure as Priory takes you… On A Safari. Come to the Lodge at Sharon Heights Country Club on March 28, 2020. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities for all — from hippo-sized jobs to meerkat-sized ones.  Reach out to to learn more. 

See you on the 28th - it’s sure to be wild evening!
Cynthia Mahood Levin
2020 Gala Chair

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  • Volunteers Wanted

    We need an army of ants to stuff envelopes, assemble centerpieces, and decorate our venue. Be it a hippo-sized job or a meercat-sized job, it is sure to mean making new friends, new memories, and be a whole lot of fun. Come join the pack of volunteers!
  • Gala Auction Items Wish List

    Every year we work hard to find unique and unusual items to keep our parents purring for more. Just some of the items in our wish list include:
    Vacation Homes 
    Luxury Hotel Stays
    Tickets to Concerts, Sporting Events, Symphony or Musicals
    Special Access to Wineries or Backstage Passes
    Access to Private Chefs and Private Aviation
    Restaurant and Spa Gift Certificates
    Golf Outings
    Special Wine & Spirits. 

    Those once-in-a-lifetime items do well, so get those creative juices flowing! Remember, your donation is tax-deductible and you will receive a written acknowledgment for your donation. Our auction Item deadline is Friday, February 7, 2020.
  • Underwrite

    Seeking Safari Guides! Each year, we are able to defray auction expenses thanks to generous gifts of financial support. We will gratefully acknowledge all supporters in our auction catalog. 
  • What to Expect

    On a Safari will be held on Saturday, March 28, 2019 at Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club. With more than 300 parents, teachers, and staff in attendance, the evening will include cocktails, a seated dinner, the Silent and Live Auctions including Fund-A-Future. That’s when the night gets wild, and the party animals kick off the dancing!
  • What do I Wear?

    Khaki? Colorful textiles? Busuuti? Animal Prints? Anything goes! Whether you’re dressed safari-ready with your pith helmet and binoculars or prefer to be draped in elegant animal print silks, we’re game to see it all. Just come ready to have a roaring good time! 
  • How Seating Works

    Gather your herd and create your table of ten (please no table request for fewer than 10). There will be instructions on your invitation about where to register your table; if you don’t wish to form a table of ten, we will do our best to seat with you with parents from your grade(s).
  • Bidding - Come Up with a Game Plan

    We’re going all digital this year! That means our auction catalog will be electronic only. In March you will get a link to the online catalog for your perusal. Start your bidding strategy then -- and don’t forget to save some of your budget for Fund-A-Future.

    If you purchased a ticket to the Gala, on March 23rd you will receive an email and/or text that allows you to start bidding on silent items until 7:45pm and on super silent items until 10:30pm on March 28th (the night of the Gala). Please bring your smartphone fully charged to the Gala, as bidding for silent items occurs through your smartphone the night of the event.

    There are three ways to bid on silent items. 
    • A traditional bid: place a fixed-amount bid on an item, and you will be notified through the bidding app on your phone if your bid has been exceeded by another bidder.
    • Buy It Now: allows you to purchase an item right away for a fixed price, rather than bid on it. Once you Buy It Now, that item is no longer up for auction, and is yours.  Many of the silent items will have Buy It Now pricing.
    • Max Bid: you set a maximum bid for yourself, and the system will automatically bid in your favor until that max bid reached. If your bid is lower than another bidder’s highest max bid on that package, you will be prompted to enter a higher bid. Many silent items will have Max Bid pricing.
    For live items, there will be bid paddles at your table for you to hold up during the live auction.

    Bidding with Friends
    Often groups of friends decide to bid on an item together; this happens often with “buy the whole” parties or live items. If you want to purchase an item with friends, reach out to your friends before the Gala to form a syndicate. Prior to bidding, agree on who is in the group and the maximum you are all willing to pay for the item. You can be a member of more than one group as long as you aren’t the lead bidder and you don’t share the maximum bid of the groups you’re participating in. The “lead bidder” does the bidding, and the cost of the item is split between the group members.  
  • What is Fund A Future ?

    Our Fund-A-Future campaign secures resources for our financial aid fund. Did you know that one in six students receives financial assistance at Priory? During the live auction, you can hold up your paddle at different donation levels to support financial aid.  We hope you will support this vital and cherished part of the evening.
  • Donate Here

    Your donation is tax-deductible as the law allows, donate your item here.
    You will receive a written acknowledgment for your donation. Our auction Item deadline is Friday February 7, 2020. Thank you


Have a question, donation, or want to help? Please contact the Gala Team at

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