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Woodside Priory School is an independent, Catholic college preparatory school in the Benedictine tradition. Our mission is to assist students in becoming life-long learners and stewards who will productively serve the world in need of their gifts. As a Benedictine school, it's important to understand how our school ties in to the colleges and universities that share our traditions.
Today, fourteen Benedictine colleges and universities form the Association of Benedictine Colleges and Universities (ABCU). Their mission is closely aligned with Priory's values and represent what it means to be educated in the Benedictine tradition.
The ABCU institutions are committed to academic and professional excellence. They live the Gospel values empowered in the Rule of Saint Benedict and so take seriously the primacy of God and the things of God; have reverence in listening for the varied ways in which God is revealed; form community built on respect for individual persons who are each regarded as Christ himself; develop a profound awareness of the meaning of one's existence; and exercise good stewardship. Through these emphases, Benedictine Colleges and Universities strive to promote the common good of Church and society to assist individuals to lead lives of balance, generosity and integrity.

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