Student Life

Residential Life Curriculum

A Day in the Life

As the seasons change and you make progress towards your personal and academic goals, it may feel like no two days are alike. While the weekends are built around activities and time for you to unwind, there will be a pattern to your day during the week:

7:45 am Arise! 
8:00 am Breakfast time! Join some Day students for breakfast, including eggs made-to-order, sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, fruit, oatmeal, cereal, and smoothies.
8:35 am Classes begin. Although the dorms are seconds away from your classes, you will join your classmates for the day.
12:15 pm Enjoy lunch with your friends as you gaze upon the hills of Windy Hill Preserve.
3:00 pm Classes end! Time for student-led club meetings, including Robotics, Anime, Model UN, and Sustainability.
4:00 pm Sports practice and theater rehearsals begin
6:00 pm Unpack your day over Dinner with friends. Favorite meals include Malaysian crab, Korean galbi, and Hungarian lángos. 
7:30 pm Study Hall in the Learning Commons or in a dorm study lounge. Residential Faculty are available to support students on their academic needs.
9:30 pm Unwind with free time: head to the gym for some exercise, practice your musical instrument or continue studying. The time is yours!
10:30 pm Nightly House Meeting to celebrate dormer achievements, listen to announcements, and complete dorm chores.
11:00 pm Retire to your room for some much needed sleep.

Living Lives Rich in Wellbeing

Woodside Priory School's Residential Life Program assists boarding students in living lives rich in wellbeing. Our Residential Faculty work with boarding students to co-create a safe collective space, committed to using restorative practices to foster and deepen connections between community members. The people, processes, and policies associated with the Residential Life Program endeavor to help each boarding student flourish physically, psychologically, academically, and communally.

Our Residential Life Program complements and deepens a boarding students' Priory experience through our boarding curriculum and by modeling the behavior we seek to develop in our students. We seek to develop our boarding students in the following ways:

  1. Create positive, promotive, inclusive communities.
  2. Define and measure wellbeing through actionable goals.
  3. Model wellbeing as both an individual and a collective phenomenon.
  4. Understand that exercise, a healthy diet, and sleep are essential to wellbeing.
  5. Appreciating and knowing one's character strengths lead to a positive outlook and strong performance.
  6. Developing resilience by seeking out challenges and embracing one's anti-fragility.