Upper School | Gr. 9–12

Upper School Student Learning in Action

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  • Living Wall/Chicken Coop

    In his Eco-Design class, Hovey Clark facilitates student-driven sustainability projects that address campus needs, problems, and opportunities. Using the 12 principles of permaculture, students collaborate on different ways to capture and harness energy in marginalized spaces.
    One project that students oversaw through conception to construction includes the “Living Wall,” a trellis of self-sustaining greenery adjacent to the dining hall entrance. Another student experiment in stewardship is the mini-chicken farm, which has taken an integral role in campus composting. 
  • Mandalas

    As an introduction to theology (BBV), students engage in a collaborative experience of designing and creating a Nature Mandala that demonstrates the Benedictine value of Hospitality. Through the process of designing and building the physical Mandala in a physical space on campus, students not only explore core concepts and questions in the course, but also exercise and reflect upon the 5 LCs.
  • Chocolate Design Project

    For a stewardship-themed project in Computer Aided Design, students use a 3-D modeling program to design Food-Grade Silicone Molds for small batches of delicious Artisan Chocolates. The unique challenge? Conceptualizing an object that “has never existed before.” 
In Morality and Social Justice, students express their understandings of conscience through various mediums, from art to music. Students author rap lyrics and short stories, bake edibles, create magic shows and animations. Here, Sergio Calderon sings “A Mind of Her Own,” an original composition he wrote based on unit concepts. 
In advanced music theory, students write original Christmas songs using the Note-flight composition software. Playing with variations and combinations of known elements, they stretch their creativity to realize something new. The focus is on process: students track their own progress, peer review, and reflect on learning. 
In Ryanne Saddler’s Basic Beliefs and Values class, freshmen exercise critical thinking and creativity by scripting and filming Public Service Announcements around this essential question: How can I inspire Priory community members to make choices that are in harmony with our Benedictine value of Spirituality?

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