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  • Roller Coaster Project

    Lisa Wood’s 6th grade science class investigates the physics of rollercoasters in the ultimate challenge scenario: designing an old-fashioned roller coaster that relies solely on the force of gravity! Through a collaborative process of designing, building, and testing a model-sized, multi-loop roller coaster, students practice leadership, flexibility, cooperation, and persistence. 

Story Project Video

Math can be made into a Mission. In “Operation: Great White North,” Todd Turner hooks students into an assessment on proportions with secret agents, motorcycle escapades, and numerical challenges disguised as fun. 

Dance Choreography

In middle school PE, David Moseley and former faculty member Allison Burzio provide an exploration of movement that intersects sports with the arts. From learning dance choreography and cricket rules to water polo techniques, students build athleticism, community, and resilience in different ways each day.

Jump Roping Moves

After learning over 10 different ways to jump rope, kids put their skipping, hopping, and double-dutching to the test by creating a 30-second routine that incorporated these skills. Who knew that jump roping could be an opportunity in collaboration and creativity! 

Good Morning America Project

In 8th grade Humanities, students delve into the complexities of founding America through the essential question: How does a nation, a place, a group, and an individual define and assert its identity? In one assignment, they researched the key events and people of the era, and synthesized their findings in a collaborative production of “Good Morning America.” Through writing and performing an original script in the famous talk show format, they go beyond merely knowing history to understanding the significance and relevance of history.

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