This is Priory’s 3rd trip to China. Students will explore and experience China, and gain a holistic understanding of this ancient, yet rapidly changing country. This year's China Trip (4/12-4/21) will take students to Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai. They will visit historical sites and newly developed modern landmarks, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Terracotta Warriors and the Bund. Furthermore, students will be exposed to “everyday” Chinese experiences, including a visit to a Hutong (historical residential setting) family, a trip on a high-speed train, a local night market, and a modern art district. They will also visit a local high school and interact with the local students - a definite highlight from previous trips. The objective is for students to get first hand exposure to a rich culture that they most likely only know from the classroom or from books. As such, students will also enjoy an astounding Kungfu performance and various local signature cuisines from different regions every evening. The trip will also include a tour of a Lenovo manufacturing facility in order to deepen students’ understanding of China’s rapidly growing and evolving economy. Our goal is to increase students’ global awareness to become responsible, compassionate, and knowledgeable world citizens, and help them gain independence and confidence as they are exposed to the language, learn how different people live and explore new places. Our 2019 China trip promises to be fun, exciting, and educational!

Woodside Priory School