Thank you to all who joined us at Priory's 2018 Gala: Club 60! It was a wonderful evening celebrating the Priory community and supporting financial aid!

    • (l to r): Cynthia Mahood Levin (Alexis
      Gala Chairs and Coordinator

      (l to r): Cynthia Mahood Levin (Alexis '23); Christy Occhipinti (Nick '22); Jennifer Youstra (Billy '19, Bobby '21, Danny '23); and Donna Chandra (Aidan '19, Liam '22)


Club 60 Co-Chairs:
Club 60 Gala Coordinator:
Event: Christy Occhipinti
Decorations: Silent Auction/Bar: Wendy Dyckerhoff, Clayre Fathers
Decorations: Dining Room/Check In: Noushie Ahmadi, Zahra Falsafi, Nicole Chambers, Viriginia Huffman
Live: Jennifer Youstra, Kristi Patterson, Carolyn Putney
Cakes: Julie Dickerson and Linda Thomas
Silent: Cynthia Mahood Levin
Fund-a-Future: Carolyn Putney, Millie Gong
Parties/Spirit Parties: Norma Alvarez, Julie Dickerson, Elaine Pao, Lisa Putnam
Spirit Items: Kaleo Serughetti-Waxman
Great Finds: Catherine Carlton, Christine Dinh-Tan, Ella Shum
Travel: Martha Deevy
Sports & Excursions: Beth Heron, Judy Nayebi
Services: Mary Duling
Wine & Spirits: Judi Jaeger, Mimi Blaurock, Maria Johnson, Laurie Shelton
Catalog: Jean Giarrusso, Ali Ammari
Advertising: Susan Nell, Mary Duling
Worker Bees: Marilee Adams, Chandan Allen, Norma Alvarez, Helen Amick, Stephanie Flynn, Hajni Horvath, Virginia Huffman, Uma Iyli, Brent Johnson, Tom Kopley, Mary Longo Cohn, Judy Nayebi, Mary Rose Theis, Anne Senti-Willis, Laurie Shelton, Maria Turenne, Bill Youstra 

Gala Event Details

Sharon Heights
Golf & Country Club
2900 Sand Hill Rd,
Menlo Park, CA

Saturday, March 17, 2018


Online Auction:
March 12-17


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