Activities aren't just about fun and relaxation with friends—although, they are both fun and relaxing. They also provide opportunities to discover passions, develop strengths, apply academic knowledge in a practical way, develop self-knowledge, and learn to make the choices necessary to manage a busy schedule independently. Students start slowly and work with teachers over the years in developing the insights they need to be self-sufficient college students.

The Priory's co-curricular program includes class retreats, service learning projects, athletics, theater, music, and a broad range of activities made available during the school day.

For Middle School students, most activities are experienced within their curriculum and with their classmates.

More than 30 club and activity choices are available to High School students during "H Block," a class period devoted to these choices, or to tutoring. All activities have faculty advisors, but in most, students take the lead. One purpose of these choices is to provide a realistic way for students to try out new interests all through their school years. Grades are minimized or absent, and students learn to create an inclusive atmosphere.

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Upper School Clubs

List of 25 items.

  • Badminton Club

    The club’s mission is to help students expand their interest in badminton, and in sports in general.

    Student Leader: Samantha Gao and Emily Kuo
    Faculty Moderator: Kailen Whang
  • Board Games

    Members of this club play and discuss board games.

    Student Leader: Addison Reynolds
    Faculty Moderator: Amy Payne
  • Chinese Ethnicity

    This club’s mission is to raise awareness of the 55 Chinese ethnic minorities. The club will organize and carry out fundraising activities in order to donate money to remote villages and schools in China.

    Student Leader: Johnathan Xu
    Faculty Moderator: Cheng Cheng
  • Community Ensemble

    This club allows students with a passion for music to spread their talent. Community Ensemble performs at retirement homes or conducts fundraisers for music education for children.
    Student Leader: Betty Chen
    Faculty Moderator: Albee Mabeza
  • Cooking

    This club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in cooking and baking to share recipes or have a cooking experience together.

    Student Leader: Leyan Zhai and Andy Wang
    Faculty Moderator: Kathy Gonzalez
  • Daraja Club

    This club’s mission is to support Daraja Academy, a girls' school in Kenya. It also aims to promote the education of girls in Kenya by hosting fundraisers and other events, as well as to raise awareness about Daraja to the Priory community.

    Student Leader: Wako Morimoto
    Faculty Moderator: Kathy Gonzalez
  • Dedicated to Diversity

    Talk about issues concerning diversity, equality, and equity while also promoting events that inform our school. We will organize movie days, speakers, break activities, chapel talks, discussions, and community service opportunities.

    Student Leader: Mirthia Prince and Alejandra Sanchez
    Faculty Moderator: Gulliver LaValle
  • Dungeons and Dragons

    This club aims to host play and provide a community for the game Dungeons and Dragons.

    Student Leader: Luke Souter
    Faculty Moderator: Todd Turner
  • Film Making

    This club brings film aficionados together to make films.

    Student Leader: Sebastian Hou
    Faculty Moderator: Mary Carroll
  • Glassists

    This club has as its purpose to explore individual and collaborative expressions and skills-building in the world of glassmaking.

    Student Leader: Genevieve Chiu-Schaepe
    Faculty Moderator: Shawn Matson
  • Investment Club

    The purpose of this club is to teach foundational financial and investing skills. We study stocks and use empirical data to engage in value investing.

    Student Leader: Ryan Calbert
    Faculty Moderator: Rick Riebhoff
  • Jam

    This club plays music in a group band environment.

    Student Leader: Joe Petersdorf
    Faculty Moderator: David Neale
  • Korean Culture

    The purpose of this club is to discover and explore aspects of Korean culture such as music, language, and history.

    Student Leader: Jacqueline Lim
    Faculty Moderator: Kailen Whang
  • Latinos Unidos de Priory

    This club has as its mission to educate students about Latino culture while raising money and helping under-resourced communities around the bay area and Latin America.

    Student Leader: Manny Salas
    Faculty Moderator: Kindra Briggs
  • Model United Nations

    Model United Nations is a simulated exercise in world diplomacy where high school students travel to conferences to represent an individual nation and defend its interests at a mock session of the United Nations against high school students from around the world.

    Student Leader: Michel Joyce
    Faculty Moderator: David Neale
  • Multi-Culture

    This club’s goal is to focus on the multi-cultural environment at Priory by organizing various activities to promote student interest.

    Student Leader: Samantha Gao and Andy Wang
    Faculty Moderator: Wei Kelly
  • Piano Club

    The purpose of this club is to provide students at Priory with an environment to show and develop their talents as pianists through musical activities such as performances, composing, and collaboration with fellow musicians.

    Student Leader: Tommy Wang
    Faculty Moderator: Tina Paulson
  • Ping Pong

    This club will allow students to learn about and play ping pong.
    Student Leader: Andrew Cheng
    Faculty Moderator: Andrew Downey
  • Priory Pause

    This club produces a 3-5 minute video viewed every Monday. The video will give weekly highlights about Priory upcoming events and activities.

    Student Leader: Charlie Brandin
    Faculty Moderator: Kelly Sargent
  • Prism

    This club aims to spread awareness of LGBTQ issues and supports students in the LGBTQ community.

    Student Leader: Tony Li and Rachel Goines
    Faculty Moderator: John Sugden and Richard Paige
  • Robotics

    This club builds robotics to participate in FIRST FRC robotics competitions each spring. The game to be played at competitions is announced by FIRST in January each year, and the team has six weeks to design and build a robot to play that game. In order to design and build a robot that quickly, the team spends the fall semester learning to use machine tools (mills, lathes, etc), CAD (computer aided design) software, electronics, and programming. A fall competition using the preceding year’s robot gives the team experience with competitions.

    Student Leader: Lauren Kastanis and Ryan Schackel
    Faculty Moderator: Rich Paige
  • Stoke Movie

    The purpose of this club is to spread the “stoke” of action sports (surfing, skiing, skateboarding, etc…) to a new audience in a safe and fun environment.

    Student Leader: Charlie Gainey
    Faculty Moderator: Rick Riebhoff
  • Sustainability Club

    This club advocates for sustainable living and fosters awareness and appreciation for the many ways the Earth supports our daily lives.

    Student Leader: Elise Rust
    Faculty Moderator: Hovey Clark
  • Technovation Team

    This club will compete in the technovation challenge, design and execute working prototype apps, and attend field trips to coding workshops.

    Student Leader: Wako Morimoto
    Faculty Moderator: Christine Hemiup
  • TEDx Club

    The TedX program is designed to help community organizations and individuals spark conversation and connection through local Ted-like experiences.

    Student Leader: Nicolas Tan
    Faculty Moderator: Yvonne Faisal

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