The mission of the Residential Life Program at the Woodside Priory School is to assist boarding students in living lives rich in wellbeing. Residential Faculty work with boarding students to co-create a safe collective space, committed to using restorative practices to foster and deepen connection between community members. The people, processes, and policies associated with the Residential Life Program endeavor to help each boarding student flourish physically, psychologically, academically, and communally.
The Retreat Program is an integral part of the Benedictine tradition at Priory. The retreats are designed to offer a spiritual, communal and personal encounter with God, self, nature, and others. They are a valuable part of each student's journey through the school and are mandatory for all students.

Class retreats encourage students to grow closer to each other while nurturing personal spirituality. Retreats often include community service, games, skits, art activities and campfires. Every year, at the end of the retreat, students pass a class candle and offer thoughts and reflections. By senior year, this class candle holds deep meaning. The candle remains in the chapel after graduation as a symbol of each class' unique and irreplaceable quality.

All retreats are created, organized, and lead by the student Retreat Team and Campus Minister. Retreat themes are centered on the Benedictine Values spirituality, hospitality, integrity, individuality, and community.

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