Students Helping Students

Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc on the Caribbean and caused untold damage on the island of Puerto Rico. During the storm our sibling Benedictine schools in Puerto Rico sustained heavy infrastructural damage. The Colegio at Monesterio Santa Escolastica, the Colegio San Benito, and the Colegio at Abadia de San Antonio Abad all needed financial support in order to rebuild. We joined 16 other Benedictine secondary schools in the effort, and the Priory school community pledged to raise $5000 by All Saints Day, November 1.

To meet the pledge, Priory had "Fun"d Day activities like the opportunity to throw pies at fun spirited teachers, baked good sales, and raffles. 
A GoFundMe was also organized by the school and all of the efforts resulted in Priory exceeding the pledge and raising $13,684! 

This is a testament to the strength of the Priory community.
THANK YOU to everyone whose generous giving helped translate our Benedictine value of community into action.

Woodside Priory School