Priory Theater presents “Laugh Till Your Pants Catch Fire”

Priory Theater presents “Laugh Till Your Pants Catch Fire” a collection of comic short plays.

After a year inside, do you need a laugh? Then “Laugh Till Your Pants Catch Fire!” is what you’ve been looking for.  This collection of hilarious and outrageous short comic plays, filmed on the Priory stage with COVID safety procedures, follow different relationships: from potentially failed first dates in a Zombie Apocalypse, to successful (and occasionally “Jane Austen” British) courting, to marriage and its sometimes bizarre surprises, to parenting which can require the oddest birthday gifts! Engaging for all ages and aimed particularly at those aged 9 years old to 109 years old, this show will lift spirits, tickle funny bones and surprise throughout.  The show streams Video On Demand from Friday March 26th at 6:00 to Sunday April 4th at midnight.  Ticket price is “Pay What You Can.”  Tickets may be purchased at

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