Residential Life Program Offers Dorm Seminars

The talented Priory Residential Faculty (RF) have gotten creative while the dorms are currently closed for the semester due to Covid-19. In a stress-free way to get to know one another, the RFs are offering a range of free and fun activities just for the boarding students.
The dorm seminars will be offered synchronously through Zoom once a week and each seminar will run for four consecutive weeks.
For the month of September, dorm students are able to select two seminars out of this amazing selection:
  • Vocal Coaching
  • Telling Stories
  • Sports Debate
  • Martial Arts
  • Not-Your-Chicken-Tikka-Masala Cooking Workshop
  • Miles Running Club
  • Cooking for fun!
  • The Pepper Project
  • Plant Wisdom for the Pandemic
  • Sunday Grill Retreat
  • Quarantine Care
Check out all of the seminars and video introductions by the RF instructors on the Dorm Seminar website.

Woodside Priory School