October 2 - November 3, 2023

I am a textile artist and speech-language pathologist (SLP) based in San Francisco, CA.
I began my creative journey by earning a Bachelor of Science in Design, with a focus on costume and textile design, at UC Davis. After graduation, I ventured to New York to explore the world of fashion design. However, my roots eventually called them back to San Francisco, where I pursued graduate studies in speech-language pathology while rekindling my passion for textiles.
The focus of my work is graphic wall hangings that blur the lines between design, craft, and art. Inspired by historical and futuristic design elements, I spent years experimenting with styles and techniques, ultimately finding my niche in creating quilted textile works.
By day, I work as an SLP, helping the geriatric community improve their communication and swallowing skills. When the evening falls and weekends arrive, I dedicate my time to textile art, weaving creativity and passion into my pieces.
My life is a vibrant tapestry of artistry and science, bridging the gap between different worlds and captivating hearts and minds along the way.
"Resonance in Handcrafted Harmony: A Counterpoint to the Digital Age"
In a world where the rhythm of life is increasingly dictated by the relentless beat of technology and AI, my textile collection stands as a poignant counterpoint—an ode to the enduring elegance of human creativity and craftsmanship. Through the interwoven themes of patterns, geometric shapes, color harmony, and Art Deco design, these textiles offer a haven where we can reconnect with the tangible, the imperfect, and the profoundly human.
The Art Deco movement, born in an era of burgeoning technological progress, celebrated the synthesis of form and function. In "Resonance in Handcrafted Harmony," I draw inspiration from this era, reimagining its geometric motifs and design to rekindle the timeless appeal of meticulously handcrafted artistry.
Harmony is the foundation upon which this collection is built. Each textile, meticulously crafted by human hands, reflects the delicate balance and precision that can only be achieved through the unhurried cadence of artisanal work. In a society driven by algorithms and automation, these textiles serve as a reminder of the serene beauty found in the human touch.
"Resonance in Handcrafted Harmony" invites you to pause in the midst of the digital cacophony and rediscover the power of the human spirit in the creative process. As you immerse yourself in this collection, may it remind you that, even in the advanced digital age, the human touch remains a vibrant, irreplaceable force in the world of art and design.

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