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Priory Athletics Mission

Priory believes that interscholastic athletics are an integral part of our school's
commitment to developing the student as a whole person. Our program offers all students
a competitive experience placing an emphasis on the Benedictine values of spirituality, hospitality, integrity, individuality, and community.

God works in us, through us, and for us.
Our athletic programs provide a guiding framework for learning lifelong lessons and educating the mind, body and spirit in all of our students.

All are welcomed with honor and respect.
The Priory's flexible, small school environment encourages the development of each student's unique athletic strengths. Our all-inclusive philosophy to team sport participation allows all students to explore their individual athletic interests. Visiting schools are treated graciously.

Learning flourishes in an environment of honesty, trust and personal responsibility.
Our athletic programs focus on competing fairly, treating others with respect, and honoring commitments.

Every student has gifts to be discovered, nurtured, and treasured.
Every student has the opportunity to test his/her own personal limits through athletic training; to develop the character and self-confidence that result from participating in athletic competition; and to experience the joy, empowerment and personal growth that accompany athletic excellence.

Together we find strength and purpose in supporting one another.
Our athletic programs are a valuable part of the Priory community. Athletic teams at Priory foster strong camaraderie and lifelong friendships, while also developing teamwork and sportsmanship in the pursuit of excellence. Our students compete with pride and honor for Priory, and demonstrate an intense commitment and loyalty to both their team and their school.



Participation in middle school athletics is a valuable part of a healthy educational experience. The Athletic program at Priory is designed to complement the educational experience throughout the year and all Priory students are required to participate. 6th graders must participate in at least one sport and 7th and 8th graders must participate in at least two sports each year.



  • Middle School Athletics should be a fun experience.

  • “No cut”
  • Athletes should attend all practices and games.
  • Athletes should learn and improve throughout a season.
  • Athletes should feel like an important part of the team regardless of ability.
  • Athletes should demonstrate good sportsmanship and respect to all other participants at all times.


Contact Info

Address                                302 Portola Road, Portola Valley, CA 94028

Main Office Phone                 (650) 851-8221


Priory Athletic Director -        Mark Stogner


                                           (650) 851-6107


MS Athletic Director -            Doug Sargent


                                          (650) 851-6128


Assistant Athletic Director-    David Moseley


                                          (650) 851-6127


Athletic Trainer-                    Korinn Myers


                                           (650) 851-6172


General Info



Athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. Notify athletic director of any possible conflicts on registration or to the coach as soon as possible. Participation in off-campus sports and activities is encouraged but an athlete’s commitment to a Priory athletic team must take precedence over outside activities. Athletes must evaluate their schedules prior to signing up for a team. Athletes are expected to attend games in their entirety. Planned partial attendance is not acceptable. Quitting a team may result in a player having to sit out the following sport season unless an adequate reason is provided. Academics difficulties or family hardship are examples of adequate reasons.



Practice will take place Monday through Thursday 3:15-4:15. All players will be expected to attend practice. It is not appropriate to use this period for meetings or test taking. Please avoid using this period for doctors appointments etc. A player who is excessively tardy or misses several practices will have his/her playing time reduced or be dismissed from the team. Also, “practice only” players will not be permitted.


Playing Time

Playing time is expected but not guaranteed. Players who exhibit a higher level of effort, commitment and skill will be given the majority of playing time. Please discuss playing time issues with the coach at an appropriate time.


Player Conduct

Athletes are expected to practice the ideals of good sportsmanship, ethical conduct and fair play. Priory teams have always set an example of proper behavior. Any athlete unable to continue setting this example will have their playing time reduced or will be dismissed from the team.


Parent Conduct

Parents are expected to use positive encouragement during games. Yelling or complaining to referees or coaches is not acceptable. An unruly parent may be asked to leave a game. Parents are encouraged to communicate with coaches but should choose an appropriate time. Communication during games is not acceptable.



Uniforms will be distributed at the beginning of each season. Uniforms are not to be worn during practice. Athletes are expected to turn in clean uniforms at the end of the season. Athletes will not be issued a uniform for future sports until all past sport uniforms are turned in. Wearing uniforms to school on game days will be treated as a case by case basis. Coaches will inform players when uniforms can be worn.



Transportation will be provided when available. On occasion, parents will be asked to help out with transportation. When transportation is provided, parents will be permitted to pick athletes up at game site. Please notify coach or Athletic Director if someone other than a parent is picking your child up from an event. All athletes will be required to sign out at all away events. Parents providing transportation are required to have an up to date license and automobile insurance. Incidents during parent provided transportation are the responsibility of the driver’s personal insurance.



Schedules for each sport will be made available as soon as possible. Parents and players can anticipate schedule formats based on previous seasons. Once available, schedules can be viewed at the Priory web page under athletic schedules. The web page is the most accurate source as schedule changes may occur during the season. Parents can confirm game time and location by calling the MS Athletic Office (650) 851-6128. Questionable game decisions, weather etc., will be made by 1pm on the game day. Call the athletic office after 1pm to confirm.



Team Awards

Participation – All players who have completed the season in good standing will receive a sport pin.

Banner Awards – Championship teams will be recognized on gym banners.


Individual Awards

Jacket Award

All athletes who earn 7 jacket points will receive a MS Letter jacket (6 points for class of 2018 or older). One Jacket point is awarded each season for an athlete who completes a season in good standing and has participated in a minimum of 80% of the regularly scheduled practices and 80% of the games including post season games. Athletes may earn a maximum of one point per season and four per year. Athletic Director has discretion in determining “good standing”.


Team Specific Awards

In addition to the participation certificate, there will be several individual awards given by each team. The coach will decide on the awards that best fit the team.  The coach will also decide on the selection process. Selections can be a team vote or coach’s selection.


Year Awards

There will be a committee formed to decide on the athletic department’s yearly awards. The committee will be made up of a combination of athletic directors, coaches, faculty members and administrators. The committee reserves the right to alter award qualifications and distribution.


Rookie of the Year (male and female) – Will be given to a 6th grade athlete who has demonstrated a combination of high skill level, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm.


Scholar Athlete (male and female) – Will be given to an 8th grade athlete that best exemplifies a balance of academics and athletics. The award winner will be chosen from the top half of the class based on cumulative GPA in addition to a combination of athleticism, leadership, and sportsmanship. The Scholar Athlete Award will be given at the graduation ceremony.


Athlete of the Year (male and female) – The middle school athletic department’s most prestigious award. Award winners will be recognized by getting their name placed on the banner located in the gym. Award is given to the athlete that performs at the highest level in several categories. A combination of the following will be taken into account, athleticism, academics, sportsmanship, team achievements, participation, effort and leadership.


Athletic Training Program

The WPS Athletic Training program is dedicated to delivering the best possible healthcare to all student-athletes participating in interscholastic sports at the Priory. Injuries that occur while practicing for or competing an interscholastic sport will be evaluated and treated as necessary by the Athletic Training staff. A written release from a licensed physician is required for all athletes returning to practice/play after seeking an independent consultation by a physician for an injury.



Priory is a member of the West Bay Athletic League.

Current members are:

Castilleja (Palo Alto)

Crystal Springs Uplands (Hillsborough)

Eastside Prep (East Palo Alto)

Girls Middle School (Palo Alto)

Harker School (San Jose)

Keys School (Palo Alto)

The Kings Academy (Sunnyvale)

Menlo School (Atherton)

Nueva School (Hillsborough)

Pinewood (Los Altos)


Sacred Heart Middle School (Atherton)

St. Matthew’s (San Mateo)


Philosophy of WBAL Athletics

The value of athletics has long been an accepted tenant of elementary school education which strives to develop each individual in a manner fostering growth of spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social and physical characteristics. The WBAL’s mission is to develop-in mind, body and spirit-student athletes and school teams, who act with integrity and character, and compete with sportsmanship, purpose and pride; and to safely and responsibly administer league contests conscientiously with respect for the games, teams, officials and member schools. Compliance with League policies and consistent enforcement of sports policies and procedures are essential components for a successful league. League school model behaviors and standards for conduct for their student athletes, and should be consistent and accountable by strict adherence to this document.

The WBAL was organized to provide inter-scholastic competition for schools in the Mid-Peninsula area. Through its existence, the league members subscribe to and provide:

  • *an opportunity for all students who wish to participate,
  • *to be members of a team organized wherever possible to the ability level of the individual participant;
  • *uphold as prime importance the student athlete’s health, welfare and safety;
  • *a full selection of sports for both boys and girls so that each may participate, learn the game, strive to excel at their level by gaining the skills and abilities  involved;
  • *an opportunity for all participants to enjoy athletics and provide their parents, friends and peers the enjoyment of seeing them compete;
  • *to provide quality interscholastic athletic competition;for each team member to play in all games whenever possible;
  • *for coaches to always realize the importance of their role as teacher, not only of sports, but of conduct on the field and floor at all times, good sportsmanship regardless of the game’s outcome and show appreciation and respect for opponents as individuals of equal value;
  • *to cultivate cordial and friendly relations among school through standards of sportsmanship;
  • *for each player to use every opportunity to gain and increase self-esteem, respect for all teammates, opponents, coaches and officials, and compete in a sportsmanlike manner;
  • *an opportunity to use athletics as an important means of furthering school and team spirit:an opportunity for all parents to demonstrate their endorsement of athletic co-education by exhibiting good sportsmanship, positive support and acceptable conduct without interference at all times.

Season dates

Fall                  September to Mid-October

Coed Cross Country

Boys Flag Football

Girls Softball


Winter 1         Mid-October to January

Boys Basketball

Girls Soccer


Winter 2         February to Mid-March

Boys Soccer

Girls Basketball


Spring             April to Mid-May

Boys Baseball

Girls Volleyball

Coed Tennis

Coed Water Polo


Special Events

Swim Meets     Fall and Spring

Track Meet       Spring