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Athletes of the Year



1999    Steve Trudelle and Jenny Upjohn
2000    Steve Trudelle and Francesca Centofanti
2001    Will Camisa, Cassie Perret, and Laura Hurlbut  
2002    Will Camisa, Trent Larsen, Cassie Perret, and Mandy Hafleigh
2003    Will Camisa and Laura Trudelle
2004    Michael Jernick and Laura Trudelle
2005    Sam Chavez and Laura Trudelle
2006    Hap Plain and Maddie Turner
2007    Reggie Willhite and Cammie Simpson
2008    Greg Somogyi, Kyle Berka, and Maddie Turner
2009    Servando Barriga and Claire Dennis
2010    Ray Ross, Tom Shields, and Kat Gregory
2011    Alexander Brugger and Kat Gregory

Senior Athletes of the Year

2012    Gabor Somogyi and Kat Gregory
2013    Joe Farned and Stephanie Brugger
2014    Will Latta and Marine Hall Poirier