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Alumni Athletes

Wondering what our alumni athletes are doing? Well, here are colleges where you can find some of them:

Ross Corey Class of 2015 Santa Clara University
Patrick Tornes Class of 2015 MIT
Will Latta Class of 2014 Pomona College
Austin Mirabella Class of 2014 Emory University
Marine Hall-Poirier Class of 2014 University of Oregon
Daisy Alvarado-Munoz Class of 2013 Brown University
Mariana Galvan Class of 2013 Santa Clara University
Brianna Willhite Class of 2013 Saint Thomas University
Sarah Zuckerman Class of 2013 Amherst College
Daniel Hoffman Class of 2012 Whitman College
Darrah Shields Class of 2012 University of Southern California
Molly Simpson Class of 2012 Chapman University
Mel Conde Class of 2011 Clark University
Evan Filipczyk Class of 2011 Sonoma State University
Marisa Martinson Class of 2011 Davidson College
Guillermo Talancon Class of 2011 Fresno Pacific University
Lauren Allen Class of 2010 Claremont McKenna College
Massiel Castellanos Class of 2010 Notre Dame De Namur University
Adriana Cortes Class of 2010 Notre Dame De Namur University
Ignas Pavilonis Class of 2010 Whitman College
Marie Trudelle Class of 2010 Westmont Volleyball
Consi Hiller Class of 2009 USC Water Polo
Claire Dennis Class of 2009 Yale Sailing
Leslie Barkmann Class of 2009 Cal Poly SLO Soccer
Blake Weber Class of 2009 Claremont Mckenna
Greg Somogyi Class of 2008 UCSB Basketball
Reggie Willhite Class of 2007 Yale Basketball