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Arts – Overview


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The Priory values arts in education as an expression of one's own humanity and an aspect of understanding all humanity. In concert with academic studies, learning about and doing arts is part of fully developing students' intelligence and potential.

In the fine and performing arts, all students are encouraged to tap into their creative and expressive capabilities. In the required curriculum, everyone learns to produce finished pieces of art, often in the context of another discipline such as history or humanities. Students script shows and perform them, and they learn to speak effectively, take risks, and support each other.

Students are offered an exceptionally complete range of visual arts, vocal, orchestral and theater classes, and student interest is exploding. In the late 1990s, the school made a major investment in extending the size and quality of visual arts facilities, with supporting staff and course work. Students responded with tremendous enthusiasm.

For a thorough description of arts course content, please check the curriculum map.