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"The goal of every powerful educational institution is to tap into students' passion for learning, and we are
constantly looking for ways to do that."
– Brian Schlaak, Academic Dean 

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Academic rigor is part of life at Priory. Our students graduate fully prepared to enter the most selective colleges and universities. Even more important, they leave full of excitement, self-knowledge, and a passion to continue learning.

Middle and Upper School teachers are experts in their fields of study, most with advanced degrees, who love their subject matter and care deeply about students. Our classes are intentionally small—an average of twelve— and last between an hour and an hour and fifteen minutes, allowing students and teachers to engage deeply in intellectual discourse, critical thinking, and problem solving.

From sixth through tenth grades, core requirements in English, science, math, social science, theology and world languages provide a solid foundation, while electives allow students to explore the arts. By the time they are juniors and seniors, students design much of their own course of study based on their interests and passions, choosing from twenty-two Advanced Placement classes and a wide array of electives, culminating in the self-directed Senior Project.

As educators, we understand that learners have different needs at different times. Whether it’s adding three years of coursework beyond Calculus BC to adequately challenge our most advanced math students, or offering study skills support at the Academic Resource Center, we are there for all our students throughout their academic journey at Priory.


Brian Schlaak
Head of Upper School
Phone: 650-851-6150

Conversation with Brian Schlaak, Head of Upper School

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