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Summer Programs

We are excited to introduce our new and improved Summer Seminars Program!
We want to invite all students to join us this Summer for a full catalog of Enrichment Seminars!

Summer Seminar Philosophy

Priory Summer Enrichment Seminars are designed to be engaging, meaningful, and stress-free ways of exploring a range of fascinating topics with the fantastic Priory faculty. There are no grades, no tests, and no homework!
Instead, each seminar will offer illuminating conversations and novel activities to new, returning, and prospective Priory students who want to learn for learning’s sake.

Program Offerings

Students are invited to select seminars in the following three curricular categories: (1) STREAM, (2) World Languages, and (3) Only at the Priory.
Students enroll in at least one seminar in Session A, one in Session B, and one in Session C. Each seminar will meet for approximately an hour and meet five times over a week.

All Three Weeks include our Priory Plus One Program!
Students may bring a friend for free! Permission Slips Linked Below

Week #1 July 11-15
Week #2 July 18-22
Week #3 July 25-29

Enrollment: The Online enrollment window on the Priory’s Summer Enrichment Seminar website is now open! Registration will close Friday, June 6/17/22. If the deadline is missed or plans change, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Irizarry or Ms. Franco.
Cost: $750 per week per student.
PrioryPlusOne Student Admission is Free.
We hope to have anticipated any questions you may have; if you have further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Summer Program Directors.  

Please review the Course Catalog before registering for sessions. 

View the Course Catalog

Summer Program Contacts

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  • Photo of Treahna Franco

    Treahna Franco 

    Wellness Counselor
    (650) 851-6184
  • Photo of Trevor Irizarry

    Trevor Irizarry 

    (650) 851-8227

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