This summer Priory faculty will lead a Summer Service Learning and Science Field Trip to Kenya for Woodside Priory High School students. The trip will highlight both the human cultural and biological diversity of this unique geography. It will include an eight-day stay at the Daraja Academy of Kenya, one of the first all-girls, private schools established for girls of promise without financial means to attend secondary school. In addition to interacting with Daraja students in student structured activities and school classes, Priory students will serve by helping construct and maintain facilities like the sustainable farm that serves the students, as well as teaching, tutoring, and artwork to beautify the campus. In addition to their service and intercultural time at Daraja, Priory students will spend three days on safari exploring wildlife natural reserves at National Parks and Private Reserves near the school. Students will gain an appreciation of the interconnected nature of the animals and people of the Rift Valley of East Africa, one of nature’s most diverse and complex ecosystems.

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