Diversity Mission Statement

The Woodside Priory School’s Diversity Program is committed to providing equity and inclusion for all students and faculty of underrepresented backgrounds including ethnic, gender, religious, sexual orientation and racial diversity while supporting students and faculty to thrive within their own identities. Educating the Priory community about individual identity and community cohesion regardless of background is part of the larger Priory mission and values.

Diversity Programs at the Priory

At Priory we have several programs that fall under Diversity. From wraparound support services such as The Access Program to summer support for rising 8th graders known as The Bridge Program, Priory is active in ensuring equity and inclusion for all students. The Diversity committee is also constantly looking for ways to improve teacher development and the student experience to help create a diverse environment where experiences are shared and ultimately incorporated into our school culture. Through membership at organizations like POCIS and POCC, we are finding ways to provide teacher and student leadership opportunities.
    • Dedicated 2 Diversity Club Members
    • Priory is a member of POCIS.

      Priory is a member of POCIS.

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