Class size

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  • Class Size

    On average, classes have 13-14 students - usually smaller in grades 10-12 elective and Advance Placement classes.

    Biggest class: AP Calculus with 22

    Smallest class: Advanced Topics in Computer Science and AP Music Theory with 2 students each.

    Number of elective classes: 33

    Number of H Blocks (student clubs): 23

School Size

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  • Student Community

    A small school by choice and design
    Boys: 49%
    Girls: 51%

SAT Scores

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  • Priory average verbal/critical reasoning score


    22% scored over 700
    44% scored over 600


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  • Diversity

    In addition to the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties and the Monterey Bay area, students hail from Nevada, Austria, China, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nigeria, the Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and more.

    43% of students identify themselves as persons of color.

    30% of faculty and administration are persons of color. An additional 3% (Caucasians) emigrated from other countries.

Student Merit

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  • National Merit Honors

    21% of qualified seniors (US citizens only) achieved finalist status. Almost 1/3 of the senior class achieved semifinalist, commended, or Hispanic scholar status.

SAT Scores

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  • Priory average math score


    21% scored over 700
    45% scored over 600


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  • Student-faculty ratio

    Student-to-Faculty ratio is 7:1

    Faculty with advanced degrees: 78%

Advanced Placement

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  • Advanced Placement Test Scores (2017)

    41% took an AP course
    89% scored a 3, 4 or 5

    Because we are a small school, a small difference in student scores can have a disproportionately big impact on averages.

SAT Scores

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  • Priory average writing score


    32% scored over 700
    34% scored over 600

Woodside Priory School