The boarding program is at the heart of the Priory's mission and values. Our goal is help each boarding student live a life rich in meaning, balance, and wellbeing.

Welcome to Woodside Priory, a day and boarding school in California located in the heart of Silicon Valley. About 20% of our high school students live here on campus. Priory dormers join an international-boarding tradition that dates back to our founding in 1957. Living on campus, boarding students become part of a larger community that includes monks, faculty, staff, and families.
The hallmark of the Priory’s boarding program is its emphasis on student wellbeing. Leveraging research from the exciting new field of positive psychology, Residential Faculty work closely with each boarding student to define, measure, and grow their physical, psychological, academic, and communal wellbeing. Our curriculum is not lip service. We employ data-driven strategies to help students discover their character strengths, make meaning, find flow, develop high-quality connections, self regulate, fail forward, follow their bliss, cultivate gratitude, regularly exercise, prioritize sleep, build resilience, and live balanced lives. After four years in the program, dormers come to recognize the role they play in how they think, feel, and act. Simply put, the boarding program helps students flourish at the level of the head and the heart.
Another unique aspect of the Priory's boarding program is our full-time Residential Faculty. Although these talented, passionate, and experienced individuals may teach a class during the school-day, their primary responsibility begins when school lets out. Residential Faculty come to know boarding students in deep and abiding ways. They steward our boarders through the difficulties of adolescence, while remaining some of the most energetic and grounded professionals on campus. It is not uncommon for graduated dormers to visit the Priory while in college, and invariably the first people they ask to see are our Residential Faculty. These relationships make the Priory a special boarding experience. 

Please explore our website to learn more about the Priory’s Boarding Program. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to talking with you!

Adam Siler
Dean of Residential Life
Woodside Priory School

The Benefits of Boarding

Our Residential Life program is designed to promote personal and academic growth based on the Benedictine values of Individuality, Community, Hospitality, Integrity, and Spirituality. Our goal is to help our students develop independence and personal responsibility while providing the individual attention and support necessary to do so.  Students in our program learn to balance their study and personal time, advocate for themselves with teachers and peers, and take on increasing responsibility for day to day tasks, all while under the care and supervision of the Residential Faculty.  Communication and compromise are key components to learning to live and work harmoniously in our residential setting.  These essential skills prepare students not only for life in college but also beyond.

Why local boarding?

There are many benefits to choosing a boarding program as a local student.  Without the worry or stress of a commute, students can focus more fully on their school experience.  This provides more efficient time for academics, whether through extra help with teachers before or after school, group work with peers after dinner, or quiet study hall in the evening.  This also allows students the flexibility to participate in morning music groups, afternoon athletics practices and competitions, and the occasional evening or weekend theater rehearsal. Boarding can also be the answer to a lengthy commute or too demanding work schedules.  We offer a full boarding experience to all students, including the weekends.  We do not offer 5-day boarding, although our students are free to go home most weekends.

International Students

Students from all points of the globe come together to the Priory campus to live and study together.  This is indeed a global community, and the presence of students from around the world enhances our classrooms, our campus life, and our boarding community.  In recent years, we have had students from Austria, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and more. 

Explore Our Boarding Program

Learn more about our guidelines and schedules by reading our Residential Handbook.

Dates for 2017-18

August 10: New boarders move into the dorms
August 12: Returning boarders can arrive after 10:30am
August 13: Returning boarders must arrive by 7:00 pm
September 2: Community Day (required)
October 6: Dorms close at 7:00 pm
October 10: Dorms open at 7:00 pm
October 17: Head's Dinner
October 28: Community Day (required)
November 21: Dorms close at 7:00 pm
November 26: Dorms open at 1:00 pm
December 22: Dorms close at 1:00 pm
January 7: Dorms open at 1:00 pm
February 15: Dorms close at 7:00 pm
February 25: Dorms open at 1:00 pm
March 27: Head's Dinner
March 29: Dorms close at 1:00 pm
April 8: Dorms open at 1:00 pm
April 13-14: Community Weekend (required)
May 15: Head's Dinner
May 19-20: Community Weekend (required)
June 2: Dorms close for the summer at 3:00 pm

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