The mission of the Residential Life Program at the Woodside Priory School is to assist boarding students in living lives rich in wellbeing. Residential Faculty work with boarding students to co-create a safe collective space, committed to using restorative practices to foster and deepen connection between community members. The people, processes, and policies associated with the Residential Life Program endeavor to help each boarding student flourish physically, psychologically, academically, and communally.
The Woodside Priory Residential Life Program serves as a “home away from home” for 50 dormers in grades 9-12. Each year, dormers join a rich tradition of boarding at the Priory that dates back to the school’s founding in 1957. The Priory’s boarding program embodies the Benedictine maxim of “all are welcome.” Students from all around the world feel known and loved in our boarding program regardless of their cultural, racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, religious, political, sexual, or gender identity. Dormers are encouraged to show up as their authentic selves and challenged to become their best selves. The dorms are a sacred place where boarding students like to live and where day students, faculty, and alumni frequently visit.
The hallmark of the Priory’s boarding program is its emphasis on student wellbeing. Leveraging research from the exciting new field of positive psychology, Residential Faculty work closely with each boarding student to define, measure, and grow their physical, psychological, academic, and communal wellbeing. Our curriculum is not lip service. We employ data-driven strategies to help students discover their character strengths, make meaning, find flow, develop high-quality connections, self regulate, fail forward, follow their bliss, cultivate gratitude, regularly exercise, prioritize sleep, build resilience, and live balanced lives. After four years in the program, dormers come to recognize the role they play in how they think, feel, and act. Simply put, the boarding program helps students flourish at the level of the head and the heart.
Another unique aspect of the Residential Life Program is our full-time Residential Faculty. These talented, passionate, and experienced educators provide meaningful mentorship for dormers outside of the classroom. Since their workday begins when the schoolday ends, our Residential Faculty have the energy to support the individual needs of each dormer. Simply put, Residential Faculty come to know boarding students in deep and abiding ways. It is not uncommon for graduated dormers to visit the Priory, and invariably the first people they ask to see are our Residential Faculty. These relationships make the Priory a special boarding experience. 

Please explore our website to learn more about the Priory’s Residential Life Program. If you would like to learn more about this special community, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to chatting with you.  

Adam Siler
Dean of Residential Life
Woodside Priory School

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