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Each year the Alumni Association seeks nominations for the Alumni Achievement Award and Priory Hall of Fame. These honors are given to an alumna/nus whose life most embodies the mission of the school and its values of spirituality, hospitality, integrity, individuality and community.

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Priory Hall of Fame Nomination Form
Criteria for nomination are as follows: Founded in 2005, the Woodside Priory School Athletic Hall of Fame honors men and women who have made outstanding contributions to its athletic program. Candidates for selection have exemplified desirable character traits and have distinguished themselves and the school in competition representing Woodside Priory School or at the college level. Candidates may also be non-graduates who, through long service to Woodside Priory School, have distinguished themselves in the field of athletics as coaches or trainers. Priory alumni/alumnae who have distinguished themselves after graduation in an athletic field may also be considered. Nominees become eligible for the honor FIVE years after graduation or after TEN years of service to the School or under special circumstances. Nominations may be offered by anyone; however, the appointed committee makes selections. The selection committee may also recognize outstanding teams of the past. The selection committee is comprised of the Headmaster, the Director of Athletics, and other persons with a thorough knowledge of Priory athletics. All inductees are invited to serve on the selection committee. Up to five individuals may be inducted into the Hall of Fame in a given year.
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