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Priory Life

Something special is happening at Priory. You can sense it in the peace and purpose on our campus, where students move excitedly from one class to the other without the need for buzzers or bells. You can feel it during weekly Chapel, when a student or teacher stands up and shares the wisdom of personal experience with the entire school. At the yearly dodge ball tournament, where students and teachers don outrageous homemade costumes and vie for the title, you can’t miss it. This place feels like home.

For many among us, Priory is home: our monks, boarding students, and a third of faculty families live on campus full-time. We are a vibrant, friendly mix of local and international students, day students and boarders, parents and teachers. All are welcome, and respect is a way of life.

While pursuing academic excellence, we strive for Benedictine balance. School days are full but not frenetic, with longer class periods, fewer classes per day, and enough break time for students to joke with friends, seek help from a teacher, or breathe in the bucolic beauty of our campus. Whether in writing lab or advanced calculus, soccer practice or drama rehearsal, our goal is the same: to lead a meaningful life, to live well with others, and to discover and share our passions and gifts.

I welcome any questions you may have. At the Priory, everyone has an open door.


Scott Parker
Dean of Students
Phone: 650-851-6158