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Priory Innovation

Faced with a world of lightning-fast technological and global change, today’s young people need to know how to innovate. Innovation means being flexible and responsive, taking risks and trying multiple solutions, and working well in teams to meet challenges with curiosity and confidence.

At Priory, we encourage innovation on every level. We’ve educated ourselves as a faculty in the principles of design thinking, bringing creative problem solving to every aspect of our school day. On “Fail Forward Friday,” each teacher piloted a new instructional method in full view of students as a way of modeling creative risk-taking and resilience. A similar innovative spirit helped the members of Priory’s Robotics Club win the Silicon Valley division of the FIRST International Robotics Competition.

We feel strongly that innovation transcends technology. At the same time, we take full advantage of high-tech tools, with classroom smart boards and courses in phone and computer programming, game design, digital filmmaking, and multi-media productions.

We’re also innovating to make our campus greener every day, staying true to the Benedictine tradition of environmental stewardship. In addition to Priory’s vast solar array, green building projects, and a living roof on our performance hall, we’ve added a faculty Sustainability Coordinator, Hovey Clark, who works with students on school-wide efforts such as the community garden, a school composting program, and a campus bird-protection program recognized by the Audubon Society.

Dean for Residential Life/Assistant Admissions Director Speaks About Priory Innovation

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