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Cookbook and Fr. Egon Memoir

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Cookbook Sneak Previews


Priory Cookbook- $25 Available Now

Dear Prospective Woodside Priory Cookbook buyers!
Welcome to this website and enjoy your sneak preview of the 3rd edition of the Woodside Priory School Cookbook.

"Proudly we launch this project for the Priory Community. Along with our recipes, we want to give the reader a feel for our very special 50 year history...Here, we hope to share with you some of its unique aspects, told through a series of vignettes heading each chapter, weaving together the story of [the Woodside Priory School] family."
Virginia Taylor, Chair


"Our task, with this book, goes beyond its sumptuous recipes. We hope to tie you into the 'stones,' the flowers, the trees that you see now in the lovely Priory grounds, and recall what they were before, when it all started. Then, there were barren, sun-arched, different from what we appreciate now.

"And, we aim to celebrate some of those who brought it to us.
So, we are offering here, a repast for the body and the soul. In a word: Feast!"

WPS Cookbook Writing Committee

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Book Sneak Previews

Beginnings: The Founding of Woodside Priory- $35 Available Now

In a small ranch house that had seen better days, Fr. Egon Javor, O.S.B., celebrated a Mass on November 11, 1956. It was the feast day of St. Martin, patron saint of his mother abbey in Pannonhalma, Hungary. This day also signified the end of dispersion for seven Hungarian refugee priests and the beginning of Woodside Priory in California.

Fr. Egon worked with former school librarian Ellen Wilton to edit his manuscript that recorded the events that led to the founding of Woodside Priory and School. Ellen Wilton recalls her first impression when she read Fr. Egon's writing: "It read as if one were listening to him, and I felt I learned to know him better by reading it."

This book presents Fr. Egon's manuscript for the first time with the addition of an introduction by Abbot Matthew Leavy, O.S.B., of Saint Anselm Abbey. It also includes current and historical photographs. It is a fascinating account of bygone times.