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Tuition and Financial Aid 


Day Students
Tuition $38,750
Student Activity Deposit $600
Academic Events Fee $125
TOTAL $39,475
Boarding Students
Tuition and Boarding $57,050
Student Activity Deposit $600
Dormitory Damage Fee $200
Weekend Activities Fee $800
Academic Events Fee $125
TOTAL $58,775

Middle School families also pay about $300 for the Outdoor Education Program.  There is an optional 8th grade trip to Washington, DC that is in addition to tuition.

Upper School, families cover AP and college placement exam fees.

Books are not included in the cost of tuition.

Families also pay for major optional trips, such as travel abroad or domestically. Funds may be available for students who qualify for financial assistance.

Financial Aid

About 20% of Priory families (in day and boarding programs) receive financial assistance. Awards are based on need. A few specially funded scholarships are available to graduates of local Catholic elementary schools and to high school students exhibiting high scholastic achievement as well as need. A pool of more than $1.85 million is available for aid, and most awards cover part but not all of tuition and expenses.

The Priory's definition of need incorporates two sources. First, a professional organization in Princeton, New Jersey, used by independent schools, the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS by NAIS), provides an independent report on each financial aid applicant. Second, the Priory's own financial aid policies incorporate additional factors. Cost of housing and needs of other children in the family are examples.

The size of individual awards is based on the determined need and funds available in the school's financial aid budget. Families receive notice of financial aid awards with their acceptance letters in March. Awards usually cannot be made after that date. Families are asked to re-apply each year, and awards may be adjusted as family circumstances change.

Applications for Financial Aid should be filed with SSS by NAIS by January 15, 2015.  Your family will be asked to provide federal income tax documentation.  The Financial Aid application will provide you with the instructions and relevant questions you may have about the Priory's process.  If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact our Admissions and Financial Aid Director, Al Zappelli at 650-851-6101.