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Admissions Process

Admissions Process

The Priory's application process begins about a year in advance of the academic year you want to enter the school. The process involves the on-line application, entrance testing, recommendations from some of your current teachers, and an official transcript from your school. Applicants will be asked to have an interview with a member of our Faculty in February of 2015.

The deadline to apply for the 2015-2016 school year is January 15, 2015. Applications submitted after the January deadline are considered on a space available basis. (Click on "ADMISSIONS SCHEDULE" for important dates and times.)

Step One

Visits to the Priory are encouraged during the application process. There are two Open Houses scheduled this fall with flexible dates and times so the whole family can participate. (Click on the "OPEN HOUSE" for dates and times.)

International students seeking to apply as boarders can arrange for a tour of the campus prior to December 15, 2015. These individual visits can be scheduled with the Admissions Office.  Information regarding boarding program admissions can be found at the International Applicants page.

Campus Visits:  Middle School and High School applicants can spend a Shadow Day at the Priory through January of 2015. After September 15, 2014, call Admissions (650-851-8223) or email ( one of our staff will talk with you about your options.

Step Two


We want to make your experience applying to the Priory as comfortable as possible; please call us if you want to talk about the process. Questions always come up, and we're here to ease any concerns you might have. This should be an important time of discovery for you and your family.  We enjoy talking with people about the Priory and look at the admissions process as a personal one for you and for us.